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Welcome to the Salix Application Portal


You are viewing the Phase 5 Public Sector Low Carbon Skills Fund Application Portal.


The application portal will remain open from Wednesday 17 April to Wednesday 1 May. This means you can apply any time between these dates.


Phase 5 Low Carbon Skills Fund is delivered by Salix and was announced in March.


The Department for Energy Security and Net Zero has made available up to £16million of funding for Phase 5 Low Carbon Skills Fund that will provide grants for public sector organisations to engage the specialist and expert advice and skills to create robust heat decarbonisation plans to prepare for heat decarbonisation and energy efficiency works. Phase 5 will be delivered in 2024/25.


During the application period from 17 April to 1 May we will run an automated queuing system to avoid system overload.


If there is a build-up of applications being submitted at the same time, the system will invite applicants to join a queue. This is to encourage a steady flow of applications.


If you remain on the system for more than 30 minutes you will be timed out and invited to rejoin.


Following the closure of the portal on Wednesday 1 May, applications will be sorted into a randomised order prior to assessment and assessed in that order.


As usual, all applications will undergo a rigorous assessment to ensure they meet the requirements of the scheme criteria before being allocated funding.


Thank you for your interest in Phase 5 Public Sector Low Carbon Skills Fund.

This is the Salix Application Portal where you can access your application history and apply for public sector funding schemes delivered by Salix Finance. 

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